La Ruée vers Kanawe

La Ruée vers Kanawe



Nomades du Parc and Domaine Kanawe invite you to participate in the very first edition of RUÉE VERS KANAWE! An event for mountain biking initiation and improvement. Participants will have access to a variety of technical courses and workshops offered by industry professionals.


A full day of mountain biking in a relaxed and festive environment!

The event is open to all mountain biking enthusiasts. Whether it's your first time trying mountain biking or you're a long-time enthusiast, ALL adrenaline seekers are welcome to initiate, improve, or discover Domaine Kanawe! The event is recommended for beginner and intermediate cyclists.


Where: Domaine Kanawe, Cantley, Quebec

When: Saturday, June 17, 2023, starting from 10 AM

How much: $40 + tax per participant

Show: Pépé et sa guitare

How to buy your ticket? Online only using the link below:

You must buy your ticket online to register for the technical workshops and practical courses. Some courses have a maximum capacity of participants. We cannot guarantee availability for general admissions purchased on the day of the event.

Day Schedule: Click here to enlarge the image


Registration for Technical Courses and Workshops:

The general admission ticket grants you access to the trail networks for the day, a variety of courses, workshops, and the Pépé et sa guitare show in the evening. When purchasing your ticket, you can select the activities and courses you wish to participate in. 


List of Courses and Workshops:

During the event, the duration of skill and mechanics clinics averages 90 minutes. This course format allows you to participate in a variety of activities during the day and tailor your schedule. Each course is offered several times throughout the day, so you can choose your schedule and alternate between technical workshops, bike rides, and lunch breaks. To ensure quality and safety at the event, all coaches hold a Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBIA) teaching certification.


1. Introduction to Mountain biking

Mountain biking is more accessible than it seems, but it still involves risks, so a proper initiation with the right people is essential for a successful entry into the world of MTB. The introduction to mountain biking is the perfect course if you want to learn in a safe environment and at your own pace on suitable terrain! Come learn how to maneuver, position yourself, and interact with the mountain bike.


2. Positioning, Turning, and Cornering:

Improve your turns and tackle your next banked turns (berms) with more confidence and without losing speed. We offer a clinic that will provide you with all the tools to better control your bike through corners by enhancing positioning, mobility, and speed control techniques.


3. Braking and Gear Shifting:

Before moving forward, you need to know how to stop! This clinic aims to improve your braking technique to negotiate turns more easily and keep control of your bike in any situation. The second part aims to improve gear shifting through anticipation and a good analysis of the terrain.


4. Practical Skill Games:

This clinic aims to improve your basic skills on flat terrain using obstacles and fun games. After this course, you will have a better understanding of the key points for handling your mountain bike.

  • Front/rear wheel lift and bunny-hop
  • Track stand exercise (balance games)
  • Flat turns & obstacle avoidance
  • Obstacle course and playful challenges


5. Bike Mechanics 101 Course:

  • Basic mechanical maintenance
  • Cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain
  • How to check the wear of ''consumables'' (transmission parts, cables/housings, brake pads, tires)
  • Brake and derailleur adjustments.
  • Identify common issues and recognize sounds
  • Repairing a flat tire
  • *No disassembly of mechanical components


6. Bike Mechanics 102 Course:
  • Complete refurbishment of all transmission components
  • Reset of the transmission.
  • We will touch up the adjustments but start from installation, as if the stock was coming out of the box.
  • Replacement of gear and brake cables and housings
  • Chain replacement.
  • Brake pads replacement
  • Disassembly/cleaning of derailleur, cassette, crankset, pedals, and bottom bracket.
  • Reassembly, cable and housing installation, and derailleur limit adjustments.


7. Trail Building

The Outaouais Mountain Bike Association (OVMO) will be on-site all day to work on opening a new trail segment at Domaine Kanawe!! Their team will teach you the basics of trail building. Manipulate shovels, picks, and axes and contribute to trail construction. The construction will take place from 10 AM to 5 PM. No need to register; you can come contribute for the time you like.


8. Bike Ride in Domaine Kanawe:

Your general admission grants you access to the trail networks of Domaine Kanawe for the day. Enjoy freely throughout the day between the different activities you are registered for.


9. Double Suspension Mountain Bike Rental:

You have the option to rent a double suspension mountain bike for the day! Make sure to reserve your bike in advance when buying your ticket. We cannot guarantee that there will be bikes available for same-day rental. We strongly advise you to book in advance.


10. DJ Toupin and Pépé et sa guitare:

DJ Toupin will be on-site all day to bring excitement to the domain, and Pépé et sa guitare will have you singing and dancing from 7 PM.


How to Register for Different Courses and Workshops? (IMPORTANT)

Refer to the day schedule to choose the courses that interest you and the time you would like to participate. When purchasing your ticket, it will be the moment to reserve your spot for the course time slots that interest you.

Some activities do not require registration. You can simply show up at the activity locations at the indicated time on the schedule. You are free and autonomous at Domaine Kanawe between the different activities of the day.

List of Courses that Require Registration to Participate:

  • Introduction to Mountain Biking
  • Positioning, Turning, and Cornering
  • Braking and Gear Shifting
  • Bike Mechanics 101 Course
  • Bike Mechanics 102 Course

You do not need to register for the following activities:

  • Trail Building
  • Bike ride in Domaine Kanawe


Food, Drinks, and Accommodation at Domaine Kanawe:

There will be various food options available on-site during the event. A bar will be set up throughout the day with various beverage options with and without alcohol. If you wish, you can bring your own lunch; there will be a picnic area available. Bringing alcohol and outside food is not allowed.

If you want to camp at Domaine Kanawe on the evening of June 17th, you can do so. Campervans and tents are welcome. Make sure to be self-sufficient in your camping facilities. There is no access to water and electricity at the campsites.